Executive Coaching, On-Site Learning and Small Group Facilitation

We partner with organizations whose leaders have strong technical skills but recognize that future results require competence in strategic and tactical leadership skills.

Visioning, strategy execution, and facilitating innovation are strategic leadership skills required of senior leaders as they broadly work across the organization.

Informal coaching, documenting, and resolving conflict are tactical leadership skills required of managers as they work directly with employees.


Our purpose is to simultaneously partner with and serve organizations whose leaders have had success with strong technical skills but recognize that future results demand unconscious competence in critical – and attainable – leadership skills.

Our Tagline: Strategic and tactical leadership skills – sharpen both edges!


We are a privately-held, business-to-business talent development firm specializing in managerial coaching, leadership training and small group facilitation.

We differ from other executive coaching service providers that dwell on career development, personal growth, life balance or even small business consulting in that we both challenge and support successful business leaders hone the solid leadership skills they already hold. We differ from traditional training companies that deliver overloaded-information seminars in that we focus on building tangible and measurable leadership skills.


Learning | We strive to continuously learn as individuals. We embrace adult learning principles. We shape our organization so that learning occurs in an ongoing fashion.

Sharing | We share our practices with others so that their leadership skills are stronger, sharper and more finely honed. We share in a collaborative manner with others on our team. We share in an appropriate fashion on our websites and blogs so that knowledge is given but information remains proprietary. Much of what we share is done freely; some of what we share has a higher value to both our clients and our firm.

Depth | There are thousands of executive coaches, professional speakers, training specialists and organizational development consultants whose services are superficial; we are different. We are continuously in pursuit of practical and proven interventions. We emphasize skill development which requires a depth of knowledge.

Practice | We believe that a skill consists of at least two critical components—learning a body of knowledge about that skill and practice. We coach leaders as they practice; we even learn from them in the process because that is part of our own practice.


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