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So, you want to become a more effective leader?

Getting Unstuck

About You and Talent Development

Perhaps you want to sharpen your leadership skills. Or it may be that you have some challenges in transitioning to a new leadership role.

Maybe you want to become a more effective leader. Perhaps you need to fine-tune your impact on the organization.

Regardless of your targeted change, executive coaching can help you in any of the following roles:

  • You are supervisor or team leader
  • You are a functional manager or director
  • You are a strategy leader
  • You are an enterprise leader
  • You are an HR executive
  • You are an OD practitioner
  • You are a Learning and Development professional
  • You are a financial executive
  • You are a small business owner
  • You are a non-profit leader
  • You are a sales/marketing professional

Breaking Through

About Coaching and Talent Development


To help you get unstuck in your current thinking and situations. To help you make breakthroughs to move forward. To assist you in reaching higher and transferring your learning into new results for yourself and the organization in which you work.

What we do:

  • Encourage rigor in the way you organize your thinking, visioning, planning and expectations
  • Build or strengthen conceptual frameworks, images and metaphors.
  • Challenge you to push your competence or learning edge.
  • Build your capacity to manage your own anxiety and to cope in tough situations.

Reaching Higher

There’s a good match if…

  • You can budget 2 – 5 hours per month for telephone and/or on-line conferences.
  • You can make a commitment of three to twelve months for professional development.
  • You have the personal motivation to bring about change rather than just the desire to try to do something different.
  • You can commit to being challenged in a solutions focused coaching model.
  • You recognize that executive coaching is not therapy or counseling.
  • You recognize that executive coaching is not training or consulting.

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