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Our Approach to On-Site Learning

Our boot camps, workshops, seminars and webinars use accelerated learning principles for teaching and engaging adults. Interactive exercises, relevant examples and participant involvement reinforce learning.

These learning experiences are tailored to the unique needs of your organization as well as the participants. Our interactive sessions are typically available in 90 minute, half-day, full-day or two-day formats depending on your needs.

We offer learning on more than 50 topics. Contact us today to pinpoint how we can design and facilitate on-site learning that meets your needs.

Top 9 Most Recently Requested Topics

Critical thinking

Engaging and energizing people

Leadership skills for first-time supervisors and team leaders


Performance appraisals

Priority decision making (time management)

Project management

Scripting skills (difficult conversations)

Team building

Contact Us to Request an Outline for Your Corporate Leadership Training

Choose one of the nine most requested topics above or tell us the topic you have in mind. If it is not something we do, perhaps we can recommend a colleague. We’ve been in this business for more than 20 years and are well acquainted with numerous professional trainers, speakers and facilitators.

How We are Different When Business Leadership Training Matters

The traditional training companies and one-day seminar brands typically focus on delivering information-overloaded sessions while providing lip service to developing leadership skills. What they really want to do is sell you another seminar, a package of books or sign you up for re-purposed content that has been shifted to online commerce.

We’ve got solid, proven content. But we go further by focusing on skill development and practice.

Any skill – whether it is swimming, keyboarding, driving, delegating or strategy execution – consists of two components:

  • Understanding a body of knowledge
  • Practice

We are different because we facilitate successful, even fun, learning of the knowledge and create practical, low-risk opportunities for practice. Even beyond the on-site learning experience for the group of participants we can continue the process with one-on-one managerial coaching. We are a smaller enterprise but our results last a lifetime.

Strategic and tactical leadership skills – sharpen both edges!™


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