Small Group Facilitation

Talent Development and Small Group Facilitation

We coach teams of decision makers to reach a consensus on complex, non-technical issues.

Our small group facilitation services:

  • Go beyond leadership training. The facilitator is not teaching the leaders “how” to do something; rather the facilitator draws out the expertise of the team members so that the group moves in a direction that serves the organization beyond the needs of a single leader.
  • Go beyond executive coaching. The facilitator works across organizational lines of demarcation rather than helping an individual leader hone his or her skills.

Typically, small group facilitation is offered in a handful of key areas.

Succession Planning

Facilitated by our experienced consultants, succession planning identifies talent in your leadership pipeline and builds strategies for developing that talent.

Succession planning is an ongoing process that involves three major stages:

  • Identifying high-potential leadership candidates
  • Building paths for succession based on best practices for your organization
  • Executing developmental interventions–for instance, development of leadership skills in the organization’s future executives

Tough Issues Facilitation

Your team has the talent and the expertise to make tough decisions, but can’t seem to come to a consensus. Groups have trouble resolving such issues because of uncertainty, complexity or simply due to passionate, differing opinions amongst the decision makers.

Using proven techniques of group facilitation, our experienced facilitators ensure all participants are active in the decision-making process while moving the group forward to consensus.

Innovation, Change and Creativity

Creativity is classified in a number of ways – as a skill, process, technique or characteristic of an individual. Facilitating innovation is high-level leadership skill (one of 36 distinct skills of leadership).

Many business scenarios require innovation from decision makers. Sometimes, the leader needs to think beyond traditional, linear problem solving approaches or is a front-line employee facing typical business challenges.

We facilitate innovation by leading small groups through the three stages of creativity: Immersion, Relaxation and Eureka! Using a variety of proven tools, we challenge participants to take on roles in the creative process while moving the group toward a plan for change.

Team Building

There are many teams who conceptually understand the four stages of team development but can’t seem to get past the storming stage of dysfunctional behavior.

We help groups of talented people assess their team’s strengths and weaknesses. Then we develop intervention strategies, enabling the team to increase their collective performance level.


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